17-18 April, 2019

Conference 2019 post-release

RexLex Nova is organizing the next international conference “New horizons of international scientificand technological cooperation” supported by Czech Academy of Sciences, The Russian Center of Science and Culture in Prague and Russian Trade Representation in the Czech Republic

17th April – Presentation session; 18th April – Expert session.

---The VII international scientific and practical business conference was successfully held on 17th and 18th April 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic, being organized by Russian international technology broker Nova RexLex s.r.o. with the support of the Technological Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Pan-European Enterprise Europe Network System, Russian Trade Representation in Czech Republic, Russian Center of Science and Culture in Prague and RexLex Nova.

---Following the six previous conferences, contracts on cross-border technology transfer and financing of promising developments were concluded and executed, including using international support tools for R&D works (grants) millions of EUR; efficient international cooperation on medical devices and simulators developing, traditional and alternative energy, transport and safety was provided; modern plants based on German and Czech technologies were set up, including Russian glass-production plant Inteleo and other up-to-date factories.

---High-tech production made in framework of international scientific and technological cooperation under the auspices of Nova RexLex s.r.o. has the world-class level of novelty and innovation backed up by patents on inventions and models of high utility. Such devices as early breast cancer diagnostics systems, tantalum implants hindering joints arthrosis extension, vortex layer machines for processing organic waste, planetary mills for the mechanical activation of building materials and many others are widely demanded among consumers from the European Union and the Customs Union.

---Eight high-tech projects from Russia, Czech Republic and Germany were presented on the VII Conference having enormous commercial potential in Euroasia. More than 70 conference guests from Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Greece and India, including authorized representatives of the industrial transnational corporation Siemens, non-profit German institute for the support of high-tech business Zesys, Czech machine tool plants Vanad and Tajmac-ZPS, Czech (Moravian) aviation cluster, sovereign venture and investment funds, actively participated in the demonstration and expert sessions of the Conference.According to the results of the Conference, all the projects presented received proposals for cooperation, investment and scientific and technological cooperation. So in particular:

1. German company Industrypart presented a high-tech project of developing a software and hardware platform with elements of artificial intelligence for automatic testing and subsequent repair of faulty industrial equipment agreed on a mutually beneficial partnership with the Russian company Engineering Company 555. The international consortium formed by these companies contributes to the active technological exchange between Germany and Russia and is to form a new industry standard in the field of repair of complex industrial electronics.

2. Russian metalworking plant Trubodetal presented a project for expanding and modernizing production and was given the opportunity to acquire Czech plasma and laser metal cutting installations produced by Vanad on exclusively favorable terms. Vanad`s Czech equipment will be the main for scaling the production of unique filters for petroleum products, produced by Trubodetal. Czech equipment will not be supplied to Russia in finished form but it is going to be a customized production line for Trubodetal done by both companies with the involvement of ITMO, one of the leading universities in the world in the field of applied programming and mathematical modeling.

3. Luchpack, Russian factory for the production of reusable agricultural packaging from MDF, presented a project of the production expansion and received the opportunity to jointly develop and automate production lines in cooperation with Siemens, Blumenbecker and PTSW. LuchPack and the mentioned European partners will develop new types of machine tools that will significantly surpass the technological achievements of the world leader in the reusable agricultural packaging industry from MDF which is a Spanish company Obeikan MDF.

4. The Czech-Russian Center for Applied Programming Trend Stone introduced the interactive platform for the development of high-tech projects Magellan and agreed on a comprehensive long-term cooperation with the German institute Zesys. The initial impetus to the cooperation of the Russian platform Magellan and the German Zesys Institute was the previous (sixth) conference of RexLex Nova, held in Prague in December 2018. So, on the basis of the VI conference, the Magellan group and the Zesys group agreed to jointly develop an innovative mobile platform for remote diagnostics of the solar panels state on the ground.

---The next Nova RexLex s.r.o.` Conference in Prague is scheduled for November 2019.