VIII Conference «New horizons of international scientific and technical cooperation».

International technology broker Nova RexLex s.r.o. successfully held the VIII International Conference “New Horizons for International Scientific and Technical Cooperation” on 11-12 September 2019 in Prague. The Conference was organized with the support of the Technological Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Prague, the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic.

According to the results of seminars and conferences held earlier in 2016-2019 in Prague and other European capitals, under the patronage of the RexLex Nova group of companies, a powerful cooperative international technological network was organized, which includes both large companies and small and medium-sized businesses, universities and research institutes. Dozens of international scientific and technical projects have been successfully implemented, promising foreign economic contracts have been completed, private investment has been attracted, and international grants have been received.

Nova RexLex s.r.o. was proud to bring the Conference at Technology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences in order to create and develop suitable conditions for productive international cooperation between investors, developers, manufacturers of high technology products and industrial partners. Special attention was paid to funding opportunities by conducting a workshop devoted to international grant programs (12th September).

The conference presented projects from various industries, such as instrumentation, mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, medicinal plants and herbs. During the first day of the Conference seven promising innovative projects were presented, in particular:

1. RHODIOLA ROSEA (Russia) - Investment project for the cultivation and processing of Rhodiola rosea in order to obtain an extract

2. PETROLEUM IP (Czech Republic) - The digital future of the oil industry

3. UDIAR (Cyprus) - Electronic depository and exchange (“marketplace”) for intellectual property

4. INTERTEXNIKA (Russia) - High-tech production of attachments for rock excavators and special equipment

5. ELECTROBRAIN (Russia) - Innovative solutions in the construction industry

6. JUMP IN (Russia) - Social network of events

7. SATEKO (Russia) - Industrial endoscopes.

Each project submitted has a wide potential in Eurasia. Therefore, Nova RexLex s.r.o. actively contributes to the development of Conference participants by carrying out consulting, research and development works in the focus of international grant programs (Ira-SME, M-era, Manunet). The terms of participation and the procedure of applying for such programs were presented and described during the second day of the Conference in a special workshop “International grants for the support of R&D”, that was highly demanded among the conference participants.

According to the results of the conference, all the projects presented received proposals for cooperation, investment and scientific and technological cooperation. In total, the conference was attended by 83 participants and special guests from 45 companies and R&D centers from Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and Cyprus.The next Conference organized by Nova RexLex s.r.o. is scheduled for November 2019 in Vienna.